happy news

Posted on February 4, 2008

The Evernight launch is getting closer — seriously, it seems like, overnight, the situation changed from “someday, eventually, the book comes out” to “OMG TOMORROW TOMORROW TOMORROW.” May 27 is not tomorrow, but it feels like it, particularly when I have so much left to do. At least I’ve finalized my web copy, and with my talented designer’s help, I think we’ll be able to go live shortly.

(Of course, web copy work kept me from doing more than one chapter of Hourglass this week, but I’ll just have to go double-time next week –)

And we got REALLY great news from Barnes & Noble, which has decided to give Evernight a display in bookstores. I am strongly tempted to claim one of them for myself and keep it around the house. To store knick-knacks or something. I’m definitely going to take lots of camera-phone photos of them.

Top all that off with last night’s win for the Giants, and I’m in a fabulous mood. (What can I say? Born in Mississippi, living in New York, I’ve got twice the reasons to root for Eli Manning.)

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