Happy New Year!

Posted on December 31, 2009

I hope everybody had wonderful holidays so far — I definitely have. But I wanted to make sure to give you guys a treat for New Year’s, and here it is: the prologue and first chapter of HOURGLASS! Read and enjoy (I hope).

After a long trek through the cold to find what were, apparently, the last remaining party hats in the city of Chicago, I am settling in to edit a bit before heading out to tonight’s bash (at the home of the fabulous Adam Seltzer, author of many many books, including the upcoming I KISSED A ZOMBIE AND I LIKED IT.) Have a great New Year’s Eve, and we’ll be starting some contests and promos for the HOURGLASS launch soon!

48 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. rhienelleth

    Yay, Hourglass! I literally just finished Stargazer two nights ago, so how timely. 🙂

    Hmm, it looks like the formatting might have messed up somehow, just FYI. Some sentences seem to cut off and start in the middle of a new one at odd places, for instance:

    Eduardo was faster, and he’d been hunting for years. He’d probably killed than me.

    • Anonymous

      i no i finshed it the 3 day i got it…the books are so good i cant wait hour glass 🙂

  2. pjbeliever

    Yay for Hourglass! But I read this a while ago. They put it at the end of the Australian Stargazer edition 😉

    Happy New Year!

  3. forbiddenlurve

    Thank you for the surprise but yeah it was in the Australian edition of Stargazer.
    I hope you have a Happy New Year too! 🙂

  4. firiel44

    Hooray! Great way to start the new year. Even the typos are fun. I saw the concern in his dark green beard stubble.

  5. covenlovin

    Why are you doing this to me? How can I possibly wait for the release of the book now…after that cliffhanger?! Come on!! Lol. I loved it! I’m so excited!!! And my heart literally skipped a beat when Balthazar was mentioned. 😀

  6. elyzia1

    Prologue and First Chapter

    Thanks for sharing, it was awesome. Can not wait for the book to be released.

  7. Anonymous

    To Claudia

    you are such a great writer you are amazing you are like the new stephanie meyer. dont ever stop writing and call someone and tell them to make a movie on evernight because it is great. you are an inspiring writer to me. thankyou,


  8. Anonymous

    uh when is hourglass coming out? I read evernight and stargazer both in two days.

  9. Anonymous

    Evernight Series and new book (Angelina)

    I herd that the book series Evernight is going to become a movie is that true? I hear it quit often also! Nest, i herd the next book after Hourglass is Afterlife, is that true too? Someone please inform me, thanks bye

    Have a Happy Hollidays!!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    cant wait

    I just started reading the evernight books and have become Completely enthralled by them, they are exciting and i can never seem to put them down. Really cannont wait for the release of hourglass 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    Hey Claudia,

    Hope you’re doing well. I was just wondering if you would like to check out my blog and let me know what you think… It would be great to have input from more people and readers as well : ) If you have a moment please check out the link, it would mean a lot to me.



  12. Anonymous

    I got a question

    is hourglass out in stores and also iv have tryed fining the 2 book and I cant..
    do u no any places i go to fine it?
    thank you and please

  13. Anonymous

    to person tht has question

    THe first book, is Evernight, then Stargazer, then Hourglass, and hopefully there will be an Afterlife!

    But you can find the first book (Evernight) at a public library.
    Then stagazer you can by from your local Wal-Mart
    And well we’ll just have to see about Stargazer, were all waiting to go get that book when it releases.

    I LOVE the EVERNIGHT SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!

    It better become a movie! come on Claudia if you turn this into a movie. SO many people will read the book!!! (just like the case with twilight, the book really never became popular until they had coming attractions for the movie! Please this has to become a movie!!!!