Halloween contest winner announced!

Posted on October 31, 2008

We are home at last from the Pitch Black tour, which was an exhausting and wonderful experience. Every single event went just wonderfully, and it was so much fun meeting so many of you! I now think I can recite my chosen reading from Evernight (i.e., the sequence where Erich is after Raquel in the woods) by heart, or close to it. 🙂 As much fun as I had, though, I am tremendously happy to be home at last.

It’s Halloween, which means it’s time to announce the winner of the Immortal contest! This contest’s winner came from MySpace: Congrats to Patricia! I chose the winner at random from all the entries, but her answer amused me, so I am reproducing it here: When little kids dress like old ladies, heh. Because, you know, that IS fun.

I hope I get to see some costumes when I head out of here in about half an hour; I am too pooped for serious Halloween partying, but a friend and I are hosting some scary-movie-watching and wig-wearing hijinks at her place downtown. So I am about to get my Sydney Bristow on and hit the subway. I think I remember how to use the subway. Or have I gotten used to cars again? Will report.

8 Responses to “Halloween contest winner announced!”

  1. Anonymous


    lucky girl who win the contest!

    I’m from Spain!

    I’m so excited about the second book from Midnight!!!

    And soooo thanks for puting the pictures of the books in spanish, awesome!

    QUestion: will it be some movie about midnight? would you like ir? It’s because there are some authors that say that it’s better not to have a movie, because sometimes movies break the book and destroy imaginacion, and other times the companies who do the movies change important things…

    sorry if it’s a secret-important question that you can’t answer. Thanks a lot.

    From the spanish girl who is alwais sanding you things >_< (sorry, I know i won't stop it's awesome)

  2. susannorah13

    I Love your books

    I can not wait for stargazer to come out! Whats up with the month of March? It’s as if someone took all the good things happening this year and shoved it into one month.