great review from “Just Blinded Book Reviews”

Posted on January 9, 2009

Because I am STILL hacking my way through the jungle of unanswered e-mail, I only now found out about this terrific review from Kelsey at Just Blinded Book Reviews. Check it out!

I don’t know if I’ll get all caught up this weekend, but hey, at least I’m almost into 2009 by now —

8 Responses to “great review from “Just Blinded Book Reviews””

  1. rj_anderson

    I just finished STARGAZER (okay, I devoured it in about two hours flat NOM NOM NOM, and that was because I needed distraction after I’d spent a fruitless hour trying to write and finally deciding that it was not my book which was wrong today, it was just plain ME) and — HOLY COW. WAH. BUH. EEP!

    I will talk to you more coherently about your awesomeness soon, I promise.

  2. Anonymous

    Just read both books

    Immortal and Evernight. I just want to say you’re awesome. The whole vamp series deal going on now is killer!!! hehehe. I’m just glad that we have talented writers like yourself bringing out the reader in a lot of kids who normally hate it. (like my daughter!) Now, we fight for who gets to read the books first. I just want to send a very personal thank you for that. I’m a lifelong reader. It’s my greatest passion (aside from my husband;-)) and now i get to share it with my daughter. Thank you thank you thank you for just being awesome!! We BOTH look forward to Stargazer.