Great post on creativity

Posted on December 2, 2008

Technically, this post by Merlin Mann is about photography. But the advice he gives applies equally well to writing and, I suspect, to any other kind of creative endeavor. It’s all about having the courage to fail — to take a picture that doesn’t come out, or write a story that doesn’t sing, or whatever else it is you’re afraid of doing. A quote that might get you to click and read the whole thing:

All I know is that sticking with things that don’t arrive with instant mastery does have its own reward, even if you’re the only one who ever collects it. Because the more you push through the barriers for these little avocations, the easier it becomes to remember you always have everything you need to just keep banging until you’re satisfied with any work that’s thrown at you.

There’s some of what TV censors would call “adult language” in the original post — just FYI.

How is everybody doing post-Thanksgiving? I miss the home cooking already.

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  1. hallways

    just wanted to say hi! someone got me your book “evernight” for christmas and im already bouncing off the walls for it. 😀 huge vampire fiction fan. 😀

    oh yeah, and you like muse? BONUS POINTS TO YOU! 😀