Great news about IMMORTAL — and a contest!

Posted on January 21, 2009

It’s official: IMMORTAL, an anthology of vampire romance edited by P.C. Cast and featuring stories by many writers (including yours truly), will be rereleased in October 2009. You should be able to find it throughout the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia then. The cover will be slightly revised (and I hope to share that with all of you soon).

To celebrate, TeenLibris is giving away ten copies of IMMORTAL this month! Visit the contest site anytime between now and Feb. 10 for your chance to win. Good luck!

12 Responses to “Great news about IMMORTAL — and a contest!”

  1. Anonymous

    Awesome! Everyone who loved EVERNIGHT should go out and buy it so they can read your story! And the other short stories by the other authors were really great, too!

    (Hey, Claudia! Are you caught up on your emails yet?)

  2. cali_arab

    That’s just great!! I can’t wait for the book to be released! I like P.C. Cast,too. Her work, even her vampire works, is not the same as yours, maybe not so mature, but I like it anyway. I hope I can buy it soon!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Claudia, thanks for emailing me back (from Chicago, remeber, the one with the gigantic combat boots, ;P)
    I can’t wait for Stargazer to come out, is there an exact date?
    I hope you finish those emails!

  4. talshannon

    Ah! So glad to hear they’re re-releasing it! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, so it’s nice to think more folks will get a chance to buy it.