Fun with Facebook groups

Posted on February 20, 2009

So, you want one of the STARGAZER ARCs and have already entered the second contest, by friending me on Facebook and/or starting and joining groups dedicated to the book and the characters.

So now you can be a member of Evernight fans — or the Bianca Olivier Fan Club — or For the Love of Lucas Ross or even It’s Okay, Balthazar, I’ll Go to the Autumn Ball With You. You can even attend the STARGAZER release as an event. You guys are so great with this!

Still several days to enter, so join the STARGAZER fan club (if you are very confident you’ll enjoy it) or some more of the groups. (And if I didn’t name your group, don’t take it personally — gotta save something for the weekend, and I love them ALL.)

I had to stay home this morning for repairs but am now at the office. Even though I woke up at the same time as usual, having those extra few hours in yoga pants seems to have made the whole day more relaxed. Funny how that works.

4 Responses to “Fun with Facebook groups”

  1. biweasley

    Ok, I’m new at this…what I have to do? Only join those groups at Facebook? xD sorry, like I just said: I’m new at this thing about the contest xD