Fun with blogs, plus announcement of my first-ever reading

Posted on June 2, 2008

First up, I am shamefully late posting a link to my guest blog at the wonderful Story Siren site. Then there’s a fabulous, nonspoilery review of Evernight up at the faboo YA Mansion. Check them out!

Also, for those of you in the New York area, I have my first-ever reading coming up on Saturday, June 14 at Books of Wonder, between 12-2 in the afternoon. Please imagine me practicing reading to the walls, with DRAMA and EMPHASIS, if you feel you need a good laugh. But hey, if you’re around, feel free to come by, say hi and lend some moral support!

I slept right through my scheduled hike this weekend, and am very glum as a result. So I’m about to turn in early, in hopes that a solid week of good nights’ rest will get me ready to take to the hills this weekend —

24 Responses to “Fun with blogs, plus announcement of my first-ever reading”

  1. hhw

    I wish I could be at your reading! I eagerly await your west coast tour.

  2. delordra

    They didn’t have the book at my local Borders, which made me sad. But B&N had it, so I got it there. Of course, now that I have the book my call tomorrow will probably be insanely busy.

    I would love to come to your reading, but I will be lying on a beach in Aruba. I sincerely regret that I can’t be unhappy about this.

  3. dhfreak

    I just found out about your book and I can’t wait to so to the books store and go buy me a copy.

    Congratulations on your first reading.

  4. danne_cole

    Do Need a Laugh

    I would definitely be there if I could. Would love to experience the DRAMA and EMPHASIS! 🙂 Hope it goes well. Have fun!

  5. mizzykitty

    Good luck at your reading *moral support from here*. And congrats on the lovely review! I look forward to throwing my copy across the room (as soon as amazon delivers it – damn their slowass super saver delivery).

  6. brinagirl

    Books of Wonder!

    Oooh. You’re reading with Sarah Beth Durst, aren’t you? She’s awesome — I just finished an interview with her about half an hour ago. I can’t wait to see you both! (I’ll be there, of course.)

  7. svilleficrecs

    ZOMG I just finished Evernight! *fangirls you madly!* DUDE. Fun and hot and great pacing and just all around awesomesauce!