Fight for Reading Is Fundamental

Posted on April 24, 2008

Reading Is Fundamental provides books and literary education to the children in the United States who need it the most. If you read this LJ, chances are you love books as much as I do and want every kid to have the opportunity to enjoy reading — and are probably as appalled as I was to learn that the proposed federal budget has eliminated RIF’s funding.

(This amount: $26 million a year. I’d wager the federal government spends more than $26 million a year on janitorial services for the Capitol.)

Want to take action? Write your senators and representatives! The form will automatically determine who represents you in Congress from your ZIP code; all you have to do is fill out the form and add a few personal words about why you want to share the love of reading with kids across the country.

8 Responses to “Fight for Reading Is Fundamental”

  1. joylee56

    I wrote, though I doubt it will do much good. My Senators are good liberal West coast Dems who will no doubt vote the right way without my pointing it out and my Never Met a Tax Cut He Didn’t Like Republican Congressman was elected by my wealthier neighbors in the northern suburbs (who include Bill and Melinda Gates; strangely we don’t get invited to their barbecues) and I’m pretty sure has put me on his spam list by now.

    So I will do my bit by forwarding the url to my friend the librarian to circulate to her lists and by helping defeat Congressman in the next election.

  2. vitadei

    So strange……..I already sent an email to my representatives like a week ago asking them to support RIF. I didn’t go through this link but I am so glad to see this. Do politicians not realize that literature how important literature is. AND RIF gets these books to students who need them and can’t afford them……