Fanlisting time!

Posted on August 22, 2008

Want to sign up at the Evernight fanlisting? Now you can, thanks to Mai!

Still no final tour details, but it shouldn’t be long now —

12 Responses to “Fanlisting time!”

  1. artaxastra

    I just wanted to tell you that in my local Borders last night I saw Evernight displayed on a table just inside the front door, with half a dozen facings and a big sign that said “Love Twilight? You’ll love Evernight! Staff Pick!”

  2. Anonymous


    I’ve just come from signing up! Got some bling for the blog. Thanks!

  3. savyleartist

    Awesome! I joined 😀 Oh, and I’ve been meaning to tell you, everywhere I see The twilight collection (like a table stocked FULL of the books, audio books and calenders and journals) I see you book too! And whats ever more awesome, there a tons of people standing around there, with Twilight books under their arms flipping through ‘Evernight’ I hope that brightens your day 😀