Evernight Academy alma mater!

Posted on June 19, 2009


The awesome seanan-mcguire, an agency-mate whose wonderful book Rosemary and Rue debuts in September, decided that Evernight Academy needed a theme song. I love it! And the illustration is so perfect. Go and marvel! Figure out what tune it goes to!

Sorry I have been quiet here of late — I keep wanting to wait and post when I DL my pics from my trips to Seattle and Portland on the “Supernatural Summer” tour, which keeps on not happening b/c I’ve been sick ever since. But the alma mater will heal me. I can feel it. Yes.

18 Responses to “Evernight Academy alma mater!”

  1. hazeloakleigh

    Haha that was great!
    I must admit, it made me smirk to read:

    “Your uniforms are well-designed
    To make the bloodstains blend”

    Get better soon! I’m sick at the moment too =[
    Can’t wait to see the pictures 😀


  2. covenlovin

    Evernight Confession #1:
    When I go to bookstores, I strategically arrange the books so that Evernight and Stargazer are in front and at eye level.

  3. Anonymous


    i loved this book so much i cant wait until i get the next book! :)………..maybe i will read some of her other books…………:)


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