Eastward ho!

Posted on April 3, 2008

Tomorrow night, I leave for a much-needed vacation in Ireland. Of course, with deadlines looming, this is going to be a working vacation — but the day job will be far behind, and I’ll be doing my writing between museum visits and trips to the chip shop and, if the weather permits, even a short hike.

I’ll definitely post all about it, and I hope to share pictures. I’ve been negligent in even attempting to use my digital camera ever since the deeply psychologically scarring Rome Photo Debacle of 2006. (Apparently I accidentally flipped the the camera function to MOVIE, never caught it, and came home without the dozens of photos of the Forum and the Vatican I thought I’d taken; instead, I had dozens of three-second-long movies of my friend and I discussing whether we thought that picture would come out. Honestly, the little movies have their charm, but no pictures of Rome! I was crushed.) I am determined to get it right this time, though, and if I do, I promise to share the results.

I think I’m all packed. I HOPE I’m all packed. Quickly, tell me — when you go on vacation, what’s the one thing you most often forget to pack? You might be rescuing me!

36 Responses to “Eastward ho!”

  1. serialkarma

    DEODORANT. Seriously, it’s ridiculous how often I forget that.

    Have a FABULOUS time! I am jealous, I miss Ireland.

  2. sunshine_queen

    Have a wonderful time!

    I’m always worried about forgetting things, I usually make a list, and with the most obvious things on it. However, one time I almost went home for a weekend without any underwear or pajamas, so I consider it a boon.

    (BTW, I have a parting gift for you!)

  3. devonmonk

    My swim suit and contact solution. (which won’t be a problem if there are no hot tubs/pools or if you don’t wear contacts….):o)

    • admin

      No swimming in Northern Ireland this time of year, I think, and no contacts for me since I had Lasik several years ago. But before that, I remember finding myself out of contact lens solution on virtually every trip, and trying to think how I could buy some at, say, 1 a.m. in Tulsa.

  4. firiel44

    One time when I was stressing about forgetting stuff, a roommate (no doubt highly annoyed by then) said “Do you have underwear?” “Yes.” “Then you’re good to go.” And she’s right – as long as your bum is covered, most anything else can be picked up once you arrive. Though I would make sure anything that has to have its own battery (as opposed to grabbing cheap AAs at the drugstore) has the battery, charger, and any other accessories tucked away safely.

    • admin

      No, but I have a raincoat, and if it pours more than that, I am sure my friend will have an umbrella for the using.

      Thanks for the good wishes!

  5. lawrence520

    Chargers – on almost every trip, I will forget to pack at least one of the cell, Blackberry, iPod, digital camera or laptop chargers.

    Of course, this probably just means I take too much electronic crap with me wherever I go.

    Have a great trip!

  6. hhw

    bon voyage!

    I have forgotten to remove items from my bag that TSA frowns upon when going through security, like a pocket knife. Read up on whatever incarnation of the 3oz/baggie/scary liquids rule they’re enforcing this week.