contests — so, what do you guys like?

Posted on April 1, 2008

I’ve been too busy to think up a good April Fool’s gag, which is a shame. But I leave for Ireland in four days — ack! — and the list of things I don’t have done is much, much longer than it needs to be. Hourglass revisions, short story revisions, packing, and more: The next month is going to be a challenge. (Even in Ireland, I’ll be working. But I’ll be working between fish ‘n’ chips runs, which will make it all the sweeter.)

When I get back from Ireland, it will be six weeks until Evernight‘s release! And that means I’ll be starting up contests — one each week — leading up to the big day, May 27.

I already have a few ideas for contests, but I’m interested in hearing from you guys: What would you like to win? I can’t afford really expensive prizes, but I want to provide stuff that would be fun and that you’d enjoy. Do you prefer straight “put your name in” contests, or would you rather compete with vampire trivia or something like that? Any and all ideas are very welcome.

16 Responses to “contests — so, what do you guys like?”

  1. megancrewe

    As prizes go, I always like getting a chance at ARCs before the book’s out. 🙂

    What kind… sticking names in, book trivia, it’s all good!

    • admin

      I really only have one ARC to give away, but I’ll think of some other prizes, too.

  2. sunshine_queen

    Since I know slim to none about vampires, I’d prefer good old-fashioned luck of the draw, but I’d play with Vampire trivia too. I like games!

    • admin

      There will be a pure-luck draw, a vampire trivia game and, I think, a one-paragraph essay contest about the greatest vampire ever. Hmmm.

  3. rabbitreader

    Maybe have a draw one week and then do vampire trivia??
    so something different each week, maybe?

    and for prizes ARCS are always good. 🙂