congrats to the winners of the Italian Souvenir Contest! Plus, ask me questions, get answers!

Posted on July 13, 2010

I brought back five lovely Murano glass rings from Italy, and now I’ve chosen, at random, five lucky winners: Congratulations to Evelyn B., Susan R., Jessica R., Laura H., and Jennzah C.! I’ll be mailing their rings out sometime this week, so that they will be gorgeous and sparkly this summer.

You guys had some wonderful ideas about things to add to the blog: In particular, you seem to be interested in more writing advice, more updates on what I’m reading and watching, etc. I do not know that I’m going to take all the advice — many people requested video blogs, and I sort of feel that the whole point of being a full-time writer is not having to worry about bad hair days. But I am definitely going to use some of it going-forward.

For instance, several of you wanted more opportunities for Q&As, so, we’re going to have one this week! Every day for the next seven days, I’m going to answer four of the questions sent to me at evernightclaudia at gmail dot com, with the subject header “July Q&A Session.” I’m probably going to choose the questions at random, though if you’ve asked a question I’ve already replied to, obviously that’s going to get tossed. (So get creative with those questions.) I won’t only pick questions sent to me on any one specific day this week, so feel free to ask early or late. So ask away!

You also appear to love contests, and I’ve lined up some ARCs to give away later this month — no, not AFTERLIFE ARCs, though they ought to start showing up in the fall. So hopefully next week I can share a little of that joy with you guys. 🙂

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