Calling my own bio bluff

Posted on February 13, 2008

So, on my website, it says I like hiking. When I wrote that, it would probably have been more accurate to say that I like the idea of hiking. It just seems like a pleasant way to spend time. Beautiful scenery! Fresh air! Reveling in health and vitality! Wearing casual-yet-fetching clothes made of natural fibers! And then you get into an SUV conveniently parked in the most scenic vista of all and drive home. Obviously most of my knowledge of this is taken from commercials.

However, I am calling my own bluff and have joined a local hiking club. I won’t actually go on my first hike until next month, but that’s good — that gives me a few weekends to tromp around in the park and break in my boots. I have a feeling that March in upstate New York may somehow prove less warm/sunny/radiant than my mental image. On the other hand, if I make it through that, I should be fine when the weather actually gets nice, right?

I have another reason for starting this now: A good friend and I are planning a trip to South America this fall. (I am insanely excited about this, but will burble about it later, ad nauseum, so am refraining here.) When we do that, there will be some hiking involved, and I’d rather be really in-shape and ready for it.

(Though when I read the vacation brochures, they helpfully explain that among the wondrous wildlife I can expect to see is the puma. I really do not wish to encounter a puma in the wild. It would be highly ironic if, after a life spent indoors as much as possible, I finally became outdoorsy and were eaten by a puma for my pains. If that DOES happen, though, I want that on my tombstone. BORN 1970, DEVOURED BY PUMA 2008.) (ETA: In fact, I think I want that on my tombstone no matter what.)

No pumas in upstate New York, though. I think.

I’ll report on the hike in March!

In news, my wonderfab designer and I finally figured out what to do for wallpapers and icons. (We’d hoped to use elements from the book jacket, but legal considerations cruelly interfered.) So we ought to have something ready within a couple of weeks —

26 Responses to “Calling my own bio bluff”

  1. britlitfantwin

    When Mum and I were up-island last month, the brochures we picked up helpfully explained, in vivid detail, what we were to do in the not-so-off-chance possibility that a cougar or a wolf showed up. Yeesh!

    Ah, hiking … I hope you enjoy it! (But don’t fall in any lakes. Hiking back will be so incredibly awful.)

    I meant to say the other day that I love your website, and I can’t wait to see the wallpapers and icons.

    • admin

      No cougars. No wolves. I prefer my wildlife at a great distance.

      I’m so glad you like the site! I think the wallpapers and icons are going to be a LOT of fun.

  2. shayheyred

    What a great idea- a hiking group. NO doubt you’ll not only get exercise but meet all sorts of people. Good luck with the boots.

  3. kerlin

    As someone who has gone hiking in March in upstate New York – yes. Cold and wet. But still fun.

    I enjoy hiking but unfortunately have been saddled with two Eagle Scout brothers and a Boy Scout Leader father, all of whom picture hiking as “15 miles a day with full pack and sleeping bags good to -30.” I think of hiking more as “2-3 miles of leisurely stroll through a well-groomed state park.”

    Trail riding I’ll do any day, but that’s more because it’s Tris doing all the work. 😉

    • admin

      These hikes appear to be more in-between — five to eight miles in ungroomed state parks. So that should be challenging enough to be getting on with.

      I shall get the fleece ready against the cold.