Calling all Goths

Posted on March 9, 2009

I am doing an interview tonight for a journalism student who is putting together a magazine pitch as part of her project — basically, she is envisioning a smarter, edgier magazine for teen girls. She wants to write about the vampire craze, how it connects to the Goth scene and the reasons people find it so fascinating, without shrugging it off as a pure fad the way so many mainstream publications do. I’m talking with her about EVERNIGHT, but she is looking to talk to more teen girls (particularly those who would consider themselves Goth, but not only) about this. Is anyone game?

If so, drop me an email at evernightclaudia at gmail dot com, and I’ll pass your email address on to her. (Put “Interview Volunteer” in your subject line.) Right now this is only for her school project, not for outside publication.

Still one day to enter STARGAZER Contest #4!

6 Responses to “Calling all Goths”

  1. Anonymous

    Wow – that sounds like a very interesting project! Definitely a different take on the concept. I like it =)

    Good on her for looking beneath the surface!

  2. amy0819

    I just read EVERNIGHT and liked it. I am anxiously awaiting STARGAZER.

    I am a 33yr old with a 14yr young step-daughter. She got me hooked on all these YA books, so much so that I have started writing. I enjoyed your book and I’m sure she will as well.

    The interviewer also needs to check out the popularity of faery books, like the ones by Holly Black and Melissa Marr. They are edgy and goth like and very good.

  3. Anonymous

    Now my understanding from agents, is that the whole vampire cycle is coming to an end. For most it’s an instant rejection if the word vampire is even in your query. Now while I’m glad my YA novel has nothing to do with vampires, what is it going to do for the Goth teens (and the rest of us)? Sounds like the selection is going to be very thin within another year or so. Too bad, because I’m just starting to enjoy them.