Boston pics, Balticon and blog interviews

Posted on May 22, 2008

I’ve been wiped out all week — my Boston trip last weekend was tremendous fun, but I haven’t really had a chance to catch up since. Mostly I’ve been busy with fun things (like seeing “Macbeth” on Broadway — WOW), at least. Also, I’ve had time to upload some photos:

I went to Boston for my aunt’s graduation from college. She’s just shy of 60 and finally finished her bachelor’s degree online with Boston University, so she deserves enormous amounts of credit for going back and seeing it through. What she wanted most was for a lot of us to get together and celebrate, and indeed we did. This is largely why I am still nearly ready to drop. My aunt, a hardier soul by far, is undoubtedly fine.

Boston could not have had more gorgeous weather last weekend on a bet.

My cousin Scott and I wandered around the city most of Saturday, taking in the sights, such as various famous buildings I cannot identify but trust are of massive historical import:

But mostly we simply enjoyed the gorgeous spring day, and each of us took about ninety zillion pictures of plants. Like, for instance, tulips:

And dogwood trees:

And something I thought was really exotic and freaky looking but turned out to be a perfectly ordinary horse chestnut:

We even took pictures of plants not in bloom, such as this terrifically interesting old tree. I love the way the gnarly branches wind and bend.

In short, I had a pretty fabulous time in Boston, and I salute both the city and its landscapers, who know their work.

Big question: Anybody going to Balticon this weekend? I’ll be there, and I’m even speaking on a few panels (on YA literature and vampires, funnily enough.) I’d love to meet people if anybody’s around, so feel free to drop me a line or comment here.

Finally, I’ve got an interview up (with plenty of details about Evernight) at the wonderful blog of britlitfantwin. Check it out!

14 Responses to “Boston pics, Balticon and blog interviews”

  1. bachsoprano

    Have a great time at Balticon! Hope you’ll post about the panel discussions and such…

    (And, I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my copy of Evernight…)

  2. anoel

    Pretty! I especially love the tulips. Boston is very cool in that historical way.

  3. kaz_mahoney

    Fantastic pics! *sigh* I’ve been over to Boston twice and ADORE that city. I’d like to leave the UK and live there…

  4. alikander

    Hey! You took a picture of my office building! (2nd picture down, the red and back building just over the “salt and pepper” bridge in Cambridge.)

    Not that I was there on the weekend, but consider yourself waved at anyway.

  5. tehanu_chan

    Macbeth in Broadway *-* wah~

    Oh, my! Boston looks beautiful! An I see like you do like plants XD

    BTW, did you get my mail?


  6. Anonymous

    Wow, those photos are fantastic! =D Lucky you! And congratulations to your Aunt! You must be so proud! =)

    ~Lucy D =)