Book Trailer!

Posted on February 17, 2010

HarperTeen has put together a book trailer for HOURGLASS — check it out on YouTube! Or, you know, right here.

I am pleased not only at the awesome trailer, but because the links take me through to look at all the awesome castings and trailers you guys have put together for the EVERNIGHT series so far. One of you has even acted out the first few pages of the first books — I don’t watch this stuff often, but I do check it out sometimes, and I always LOVE it when I do. So keep up the good work!

Remember, Hourglass Contest #3 is now open and accepting entries!

2 Responses to “Book Trailer!”

  1. Anonymous


    If you read this,
    I actually made two trailers, One for Evernight then one for Stargazer, So if you would like to look and possibly comment on who you like dislike if you could see them as the characters that would be AMAZING. But yeah haha the link is –

    Thanks if you do,