Posted on August 21, 2008

It’s been more than a week since my last update, mostly because I kept thinking I’d have big big news at any moment and I wanted to wait and put that in the next post. Well, I still don’t have all the details but I can at long last report: I’m going on tour the last week of October!

Not all the places are absolutely confirmed yet, so I’ll wait and list the full schedule at once. It’s not a huge trip (five cities at most), but they’re all over the country. The “Pitch Black” tour will feature two other awesome HarperTeen vampire authors, Ellen Schreiber and Nancy Collins. I’m incredibly psyched about this and hope to meet plenty of you on the road.

What all have I failed to blog about while waiting on the big news? Well, for one, I could’ve linked to this awesome interview at Juvenil Romantica. It’s in Spanish, though I am happy to reprint my answers in English here if y’all like. Beyond that, things have mostly been quiet, befitting the dog days of summer. How are you guys?

40 Responses to “BOOK TOUR!”

  1. vrydeus

    Oh, so when are you comming to Argentina? You’ve fans here 😀

    By the way, do you speak spanish? I really want to know that, because the english… is so difficult!


    • admin

      Although I am not coming to Argentina on tour, I will in fact be there in early October. So, what should I go see in Buenos Aires?

      I speak very little Spanish, I fear. We will have to communicate through the universal language of interpretive dance.

      • vrydeus

        Yeah, Buenos Aires! I live in Capital Federal, so that’s perfect. October? Really, I can’t wait. So if you come, you’ll see me there, then.

        About the interpretive dance… thanks, I’m sure that would be really funny :P, but I prefer english (I. can’t. dance). Ah, now it’s when I wonder why I didn’t pay attention in my english classes…

        Well, good luck 🙂

  2. mistress_mab

    I just ordered Evernight for my library. When it comes in, I’ll post a pic so you can see who you’re sammiched in-between.

  3. Anonymous

    Going on Tour

    Wow – this is great news! I hope you come close to Kentucky!

  4. rmdedmon


    I’m so excited that you are going on book tour! I hope one of the places is in the midwest so my friends and I can come and see you!