Big Anthology News: IMMORTAL will be in bookstores soon!

Posted on July 7, 2008

I had thought this wasn’t out until October, but I was wrong!

Immortal, an anthology of romantic YA vampire stories, will be available as a Borders exclusive starting in August. I’m one of the authors taking part, and my story, “Free: A Story of Evernight” tells the history of Patrice Devereaux, Bianca’s friend and roommate in Evernight. Patrice’s life as a free woman of color in antebellum New Orleans allows her a very strange kind of freedom, one with definite limits and a definite end. Just as she prepares to take a tremendous risk for love, a mysterious man appears in town with very different ideas about liberation — and an obsession with Patrice that might cost her everything.

Other authors featured in Immortal include Cynthia Leitich Smith, Rachel Caine, Richelle Mead, Nancy Holder, Kristin Cast and Tanith Lee. I’ve checked out most of the other stories, and they’re fabulous — dark and sexy and full of all the juicy stuff you’d hope for from vampire romances. The anthology is edited by P.C. Cast. As you might’ve guessed from the phrase “Borders exclusive,” you can only buy at at Borders (which now has an online store, hint hint).

You can read an excerpt of “Free: A Story of Evernight,” as well as excerpts from some of the other stories, at TeenLibris. And if you want to win a free copy? There’s an Immortal contest right here.

18 Responses to “Big Anthology News: IMMORTAL will be in bookstores soon!”

  1. lord_withrow


    I love P.C Cast she wrote the house of night series. She’s awesome. I can’t wait to get my hands on that anthology.

  2. anywherebeyond

    Oh dude, I just finished your book this weekend and I loved Patrice’s brief backstory, i can’t wait to see an embiggened version!

  3. brinagirl


    Who’s the publicist on this? I’d love to review it for the site. 🙂

    Much love,

  4. sorahikaru13

    This is wondeful! I work in a Borders and I’ve also taken on EVERNIGHT as my personal mission to sell as many as possible. So far, so good!! I had to re-order more (again). I can’t wait for the anthology!

  5. Anonymous

    Why is Stephenie Meyer not in immortal? Oh and Evernight was hot.

  6. Anonymous

    Evernight and Stargazer were amazing! I can’t wait to read hourglass and Immortal.