Behold the cover for STEADFAST!

Posted on June 25, 2013


If you’ve enjoyed SPELLCASTER (and I hope you have, or will soon!), then maybe you’d like to see what book two in the trilogy is going to look like? Well, wait no longer –





As you can see, the cover girl this time isn’t Nadia; Verlaine gets her moment to shine, not just on the cover (with her perfect long silver hair!) but also in the book itself, when she’s going to have a romance of her very own. But I love how many design elements from the SPELLCASTER cover carry over. It’s great to feel like each book in a series gets to have its own identity and yet still have the series look like it belongs together.

So, what do you guys think?


PS — don’t forget about part two of the Hunger Games rewatch and livetweet! This Thursday, June 27, at 8 pm CST, we pick up at the trackerjackers …

29 Responses to “Behold the cover for STEADFAST!”

  1. Tenisha

    IT’S GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to read this!!!!!!!

  2. Muna

    Uh, WHERE is everybody to fawn over this cover? I’m sorry, Nadia, but you’ve been cast aside officially.

    This is just the best cover of 2013. (Only rivaling with P.C. Cast + Kristin Cast’s “Revealed”). I mean. Oh. My. Cover-Goodness. *foaming mouth*

    I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. But da-yum! Totally buying this one for the cover alone. 🙂 And I love when a second-to-major character has their own love-thing on the side. Sometimes it feels like YA and adult romance novels don’t pass the love onto characters other than the hero and heroine. So yeah…all pros.

    Thank the cover people for me, Claudia!

    • claudia

      Thrilled you love it, Muna! It’s one of my favorites. Will pass along the love to the design team at Harper!

      And I am so glad you’re looking forward to Verlaine’s adventures, amorous and otherwise. 🙂 But never fear, Nadia’s not going anywhere. 😀

  3. Muna

    *I meant cover reveal of 2013; unless you’re planning to release it this year. 😉

  4. Jade

    Omg when does this book come to stores, I just finished Spellcaster & I want more of Claudia Gray’s amazing books. So I really want to know when the books comes out so I could save the date.

    • claudia

      First week of March, Jade! I am so, so glad you enjoyed SPELLCASTER. 😀

  5. Monique

    Beautiful! I love it already! Just finished reading Spellcaster in one day-Not kidding here. It was amazing and I ate it like ice cream. Can’t wait to find out Verlaine’s romantic interest 😀 So sad I have to wait till March, gawsh I’m feeling so impatient right now! You’re an amazing writer, keep up the amazing work Claudia :))))

    • claudia

      So thrilled that you enjoyed SPELLCASTER and are looking forward to STEADFAST! 😀

  6. Beca

    wow, i saw a Spellcaster teaser in Balthazar and i had to read it! I love this book, and all your books! I can’t wait for the next book! 😀 i wish it would come out tomorrow

    • claudia

      Thanks, Beca! I’m thrilled you enjoyed SPELLCASTER & are looking forward to STEADFAST!

  7. shireen

    hi Claudia I was just wondering is this book going to be mainly about Verlaine? are Nadia and Mateo also going to pay a main pert in this book. I read the Spellcaster book and I enjoyed it a lot and I’m looking forward to reading the Steadfast book.

    • claudia

      Hi, Shireen! first of all, so glad you enjoyed SPELLCASTER and are looking forward to STEADFAST. Second, no, STEADFAST still has Nadia as the main character, and Nadia and Mateo as the main romance. Like SPELLCASTER, though, we get into the lives of all the characters — and Verlaine does have a larger role than she did in the first one (plus her own romance.) We just wanted to share the cover love between different characters. (Can you guess who’s going to be on the cover of book three, SORCERESS?)

      Also – would you mind if I answered this question again, separately, in a blog post later this week? Other people might be wondering!

      • Sasha

        OMG Elizabeth lives till then??!! Grrr! Elizabeth’s going down!! Why are only the girls on the cover of the books, what about Mateo?? Doesn’t he need his fair share??

        • claudia

          Wouldn’t be much of a finale without the villain, would it? 😀

          Your question about Mateo is a good one. With your permission, I’m going to answer that in a blog post later on this week …

      • shireen

        yes, of course you can use this question and thank you for your reply. And will the third book be about Elizabeth. (sorry for the late reply)

  8. Sasha

    OMG!!! I loved “Spellcaster” It was absolutely amazing!!!! 😀 So the sequel will be out in the first week of march??!! So exciting!! I love the cover by the way and I cant believe that Nadia will have a romance of her own/ she will get a boyfriend!!! That paragraph u typed below the new cover for steadfast is such a cliff hanger that I wish I could read this instant!! The underdog always needs a time to shine!!! Thanks Claudia 🙂

    Team Mateo and Nadia
    ( Mateo sounds really hot!! Nadia has good taste)

    • claudia

      Thrilled you enjoyed SPELLCASTER! And yes, STEADFAST (with Verlaine on the cover) will be here the first week of March. I can’t wait either!

      (And Mateo IS really hot. Nadia’s a clever girl.)

  9. Marie

    i loved spellcaster can’t wait for steadfast i really think they should make spellcaster into a movie that would be so cool your such an amazing writer

    p.s if you could. could you tell me when steadfast will be out in australia

    • claudia

      So glad you enjoyed SPELLCASTER! As for STEADFAST in Australia, I’m not sure, but generally the Aussie publishing dates have been very close to the US dates, and in the US, STEADFAST comes out the first week of March. Maybe check with your local Dymocks?

  10. shireen

    Yes, of course you can use this question. Thank you for the reply. Is the third book going to be about Elizabeth? (I am so sorry for the late reply)

  11. frances

    Love this cover- beautiful girl- cannot wait to read it. Now I have an image for Verlaine!

  12. Marni

    Wow!! I just finished reading Spellcaster and I loved it. I am really looking forward to fin out what happens to Elizabeth and the One Beneath!!! Amazing cover, love it!

    • claudia

      So thrilled you enjoyed it! Tons more about Elizabeth coming in STEADFAST (and in the e-novella, THE FIRST MIDNIGHT SPELL, coming November 5).

  13. shelley

    I have just read Spellcaster and went straight out and brought Steadfast….both brilliant stories and love Verlaines new love interest:-)
    Have now got one of my daughters onto them and we are wondering how long we have to wait for your third book???? Cant wait!:-)

    • claudia

      Oh, I’m so thrilled you have enjoyed the series (and Asa)! The third book in the series, SORCERESS, will be out the first weekend in March. To tide you over, though, A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU (the first book in my YA scifi series) comes out November 4!