Posted on October 7, 2010

First of all, congrats to the winners of Contest #5 — Way to go, Dawn M., Heather P. and Mandy A.! A couple of these ladies chose “Surprise Me” as their option, so I’m not going to say here which ones they won; they’ll find out when they open the packages. But as THE FRENZY, NIGHTSHADE and ASCENDANT are all awesome, nothing but good things are happening here.

This brings us to Contest #6! Some of you read the anthology IMMORTAL, which came out a couple of years ago and told the origin story for Patrice from EVERNIGHT, Bianca’s first and most glamorous roommate. Although Patrice didn’t appear in the last two books, she’s one of my favorite characters; basically, I figured if I didn’t have really fabulous stuff for her to do, she would rather spend her time in Scandinavia with a hot guy named Thor. But Patrice is about to return, and she’s got plenty of awesome stuff to do now — and information Bianca and Lucas would really like to have — but I digress. Even before her return in AFTERLIFE, you can read more about Patrice (specifically, her dramatic history during World War II) in the sequel to IMMORTAL: the BenBella anthology ETERNAL. More vampires, more romance and more Patrice. You know you want to get your hands on this, and three lucky winners will get copies for free! How do you enter?

1) Send me an email at evernightclaudia at gmail dot com, with the subject line “Contest #6.”

2) In this email, include the name and address where your copy can be sent if you win. (And, as these are going out from BenBella, I’m afraid entries can only come from the US or Canada. Sorry, international guys; we’ll make it up to you next time!)

3) Also tell me who from the EVERNIGHT series you would most want to room with. Would you rather make funky art projects with Raquel? Take it easy with Dana? Borrow from Patrice’s fabulous closet? Hang out with Bianca? (Or, if you’re a guy, would Vic’s crazy posters be a pro or a con?)

4) Do all this by Wednesday, October 13, which is when I’ll pick the winners. The 13th could be your lucky day!

Good luck, everybody!

3 Responses to “AUTUMN GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA Contest #6 begins now!”

  1. isabellalator

    Soy de España concretamente de Almería tengo 16 años y me encanta leer…sobre todo historias como las de la saga medianoche¡Me encantan!Durante este año he tenido experiencias que no me han gustado nada y al leer estos libros era como si estuviera en otro mundo y a la vez por raro que pueda parecer me sentia capaz de hacer cualquier cosa, de superar cualquier cosa al igual que los protagonistas de las historias…bueno espero que sigas escribiendo este tipo de historias un beso isabellalator

  2. mara perez

    oh my god i love your books i just finish reading hourglass but i didnt know there was a first book but anyways it was really good im still waiting for afterlife to come out on march 2011. you are a great writer bye!!!!!!! love your books by the way!!!!

  3. Heather

    Hi Claudia,
    I was quite excited to see my prize in the mail today. Wo’t give the title incase the other winners haven’t recieved their prizes yet. Thank-you.