And the title of the first book in the Firebird trilogy is ….

Posted on August 13, 2013

You know how I’ve been talking for months now about my upcoming science fiction trilogy, the Firebird trilogy, which kicks off in fall 2014? And how I haven’t had a final title to share with you? (If you don’t know this, by chance, time to follow me on Twitter. But I digress.) Well, we finally have the title to share with you all. Drum roll, please ….


The title of the first book in the Firebird trilogy is:


Through A Mirror Infinite


It took forever and ever to come up with this title, and I need to thank both my publicist, Mary Ann Zissimos, and my good friend and fellow author Amy Garvey for helping with the endless brainstorming that finally produced this, which, by the way, I love, love, love. 

In THROUGH A MIRROR INFINITE, Marguerite, the daughter of two brilliant scientists, is chasing her father’s killer through alternate dimensions. In every new world, she leaps into another version of herself — another person she might be, if circumstances were different. Some of what she finds startles her; some of it scares her. But as she runs, not only does she discover all the infinite possibilities within her, but also within her parents – her friends – Theo, the guy who’s on this quest with her – and Paul, the killer himself. Marguerite discovers that the truth about what happened to her father is more complicated than she ever thought … and that the danger has only begun.

I have had so much fun writing this book, so it’s a thrill to get to talk to you guys about it and call it by its name. What do you think?


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    • claudia

      I hope you’ll enjoy it! A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU is a book of my heart.