Who wants an ARC of FATEFUL?

Posted on April 28, 2011

It’s been a while since I updated this blog — sorry about that — but when you’re touring for the release of AFTERLIFE, it’s tough to do all the other fun stuff too. And now that AFTERLIFE is out there in your hot little hands (at least, in several countries so far), it’s time to start promoting FATEFUL!

(FATEFUL, for those of you new to the program, is the book about werewolves on the Titanic, or as the working title had it, YES, ACTUALLY, THE SITUATION CAN GET WORSE.)

I just got my ARCs, and that means I have five copies to give away to you guys. Yes, it’s contest time again!


The rules:

1) Send an email to evernightclaudia at gmail dot com with the subject line “FATEFUL ARC Contest” or similar.

2) In this email, tell me your favorite bit of trivia or history about the Titanic. (Yes, copping info from Wikipedia is fair game, but I will be interested to see what you guys come up with!)

3) Also in this email, include a name and address I can use to send your book to you if you win.

4) Do all this before Thursday, May 19, when I’ll pick five winners at random. (I’m allowing extra time for this because I know lots of people will want in on it and I want to give them the chance — plus my travels haven’t ended yet.)

Good luck to everyone!

In other news, I am so watching every second of the Royal Wedding. I watched Charles and Di as a wee thing and I’m not going to miss this one either. I want to be an old crone watching the inevitable Wills/Kate spawn get married someday, when it’s all broadcast in 3D with interactive monarchy holograms or whatever. Yes, it’s silly and doesn’t actually matter but it’s SOMETHING NICE ALL HUMANITY CAN DO TOGETHER, so let’s just relax and enjoy commenting on the dress, okay?