VACATIONS FROM HELL contest winners!

Posted on January 26, 2011

And who are the many, many lucky winners of autographed copies of VACATIONS FROM HELL? First, the Aussies! Congrats to Kamsajini T., Ashling H., Stacey B., Terril-Lee F., and Millie T.! But there’s lots more of you, too: Way to go, Amy C., Gina L., Lea K., Elizabeth K., Jamie T., Nicole B., Laurel F., Ala T., Angela L., and Dawn D.! Hope all of you enjoy your copies and all the paranormal stories within.

I just returned from New York City, where I met with my publishers to talk about all the good stuff coming up, mostly about FATEFUL in the fall (when werewolves meet the Titanic, the fun never ends), a little about BALTHAZAR (who wants to guess what color his cover is going to be?) but also about the release of AFTERLIFE … which is only six weeks from today. Actually, I’m getting this posted after midnight, aren’t I? So five weeks and six days from today. Leading up to AFTERLIFE’s release, I’m going to be having tons more contests, interviews and fun stuff, so stay tuned.

But we’re going to start tomorrow, because it’s after midnight, and I’m just so grateful not to be on a plane. 😀