So, who would like an ARC of SPELLCASTER?

Posted on October 11, 2012

So, anybody out there want a copy of SPELLCASTER?

That’s the first book in my new witchcraft trilogy, and it doesn’t hit bookstores until March … but the ARCs are so shiny that I want to share a bit of the love.

How do you enter?


1) Send me any question you might have about SPELLCASTER! Some of you have heard me talk about this before; for others, this might be one of the first times you’ve heard about it. So ask anything, from “how is this different,” to “what do you like about the characters,” to “who the heck are the characters?” — you name it!

2) Send this question to me at evernightclaudia at gmail dot com, with the subject line QUESTIONS ABOUT SPELLCASTER!

3) Also include your name and address, or at any rate an address I can use to ship this to you if you win.

4) Do all this before Wednesday, October 17, when I’ll answer the most frequently asked/interesting questions on the blog — and name the three lucky winners!

(Yes, winners can come from anywhere in the world. And need I say that I am asking you to take good care of these ARCs and not post all the pages online? After all, if I’ve sent you the book, I know where you live, bwah hah hah.)

Good luck, everyone!

And FYI, I hope to have some international tour dates to announce very soon!