Questions and answers!

Posted on April 27, 2010

OK, fun fact: There are limits to the number of times you can tweet in a day, and you guys asked so many questions at today’s chat that WE BROKE TWITTER. But I wanted to answer as many as I could, so I’m putting the rest of the questions I got (and their answers, obviously) in this post.

First of all, for those of you who weren’t able to be with us on Twitter earlier, a link to what I got to answer in the chat itself: a transcript!

NOTE: Both parts of the chat inevitably contain some spoilers for HOURGLASS, though in this section, I’ve moved the spoilery ones to the end and put in a line, so you can stop reading there if you need to.

Now, the rest:

Chocolated limon: how did you find a town like arrowwood for bianca? I’ve been looking places for my vampires but i can´t find any…help me??

Arrowwood is 100% fictional. I highly advocate making up locations you need for your fiction if reality doesn’t fit the bill.

keyra89: will u be doing tours soon? If u are will u be in the boston area

I have a number of stops coming up (Cincinnati and Dayton next month, Spain and Italy in June, Australia in August and New Orleans and Jackson, MS in November), but no current plans for Boston. I could definitely return there, though, and will keep you guys posted!

AcousticAngela: thank you so much for answering my question! Will the dates/ places in europe appear in your site?

Yes, I’ll post the Spain and Italy info fairly soon — I expect to have confirmations on exactly where and when on those within a few days now.

chocolatedlimon: will you ever come to Mexico City?? Will that be soon?? please! I’d love to meet you!

No plans for Mexico City right now, but I loved my first visit to your country last year for the Guadalajara Book Fair and hope to return!

how did you choose the name for the books??

EVERNIGHT was originally the name of a scifi novel I tried to write but could never really get into. So when the time came for me to name a creepy vampire school, I had it ready and waiting!

fingrsxxcrossed: What do you find most important in aiding your writing process?

Interesting question. I’d have to say, honestly, my outlining process is pretty important to me. I fight out a lot of the not-fun stuff of plot mechanics before I get into the book itself, which helps the writing be more fun and more productive. Also I feel surer of myself and the story.

chocolatedlimon: hello! is any character of the saga based on someone you know??

Not really, though if Vic met my friend Steve from New Orleans, they would really hit it off. And probably take out on some epic insane road trip.

GenesisTouchard: Which book is your favorite so far? And Why?

That’s a tough one! In some ways, STARGAZER; in others, AFTERLIFE.

Jennylynne116: how did the idea of lucas come to mind? is he based on someone in your life?

I only WISH I’d known a guy like Lucas in high school. The basic idea of him was — you know, I wanted to have a female main character who was supernatural and a male main character who was human. But I still wanted him to be the frightening, threatening figure her family would always have told scary stories about. If her family members are vampires, then that means the scary figure is a vampire hunter. What I love most about Lucas is that he fell for Bianca thinking she was this nice normal girl, and what he loves most about her is what she cherishes most about herself — not her powers, but just who she is as a person.

Majoo953: Would u come to Peru?

I would if I were invited by my publisher! I have only been to South America once but would love to return and finally to visit Peru.

SandraSara04: why that much?? its not fair!! pls.. there is no way to publish it before??

I’m guessing this is about AFTERLIFE coming out in March of next year. Honestly, if it were up to me, I’d publish it sooner. But it’s not up to me. The publisher in each individual country/region makes that decision based on their own needs/market/etc. And really, after a book is written, there’s still a lot of editing to do, and bookstores have to see it, and the cover has to be designed, etc. — it takes longer than you’d think.

jhmontilla: wthat abaut the 4 book of evernight, its ready?

It’s written. See above for why it’s not exactly ready.

MariBacallado: when will be it come “Hourglass” to Latin America??

No idea. You would think authors would be told all their international release dates, but in fact, we are often the last to know! Your best bet is to check with local bookstores or the book’s publisher in your country.

jenduffey: What book are you reading right now?

FALLEN by Lauren Kate. I just started it, so no spoilers, please!

MT0089: Do you read YA vampire books? If yes, which books?

I used to — I mean, obviously, I love them — but I’ve had to take a break while I am working on my own vampire books. Although this seems impossible, there is such a thing as vampire overload, and I never want to get there; I want to be interested in them forever. So I am piling up all the awesome vampire YA books for a read-a-thon once the Balthazar book is done.

Realcheese98: do you often meet fans when you go out on shoping trips in airports… ect?

I’ve never run into a fan who recognized me at random, or vice versa, I guess.

Babigirl84: is afterlife goin to be the last book in that seris

It’s the last book in the EVERNIGHT series proper. I will then be writing Balthazar’s book, which is connected but stands on its own. Whether there will be more books after that — at this point, I have no idea.

Dreamer_Jk: When do you will be in Italy?????? And, Where do you’ll be in Italy???? *—*

I’ll be in Italy in June, appearing at the “Book Festival by the Sea” (?? my Italian translation is not so hot) in Rimini. I think the date is June 20, but do NOT take that as final; I’ll post definite details once I get them.

Realcheese98: How did you make it, so we could relate to Bianca so well?

I think everybody remembers what it feels like to be in love for the first time. I’m glad you feel like you can relate to her!

FangsUpBarbie: Are you by any chance coming to LA soon?

No LA stops scheduled right now, but I loved visiting there on my first tour and hope to return!

iceypurple: True Blood or Vampire Diaries?

THIS IS A CHOICE NO HUMAN SHOULD BE ASKED TO MAKE. But if I could only pick one? Vampire Diaries.

cindee13: what is one of your fav quotes?

“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.” — Albert Einstein

XXmissabiXX: Who is your favourite character from Evernight?

Honestly, I don’t have a single favorite character; I’m happiest with whoever is giving me the best lines/actions/moments in the scene I’m writing that moment. That said, some characters who often give me good stuff to work with include Balthazar, Dana, Ranulf and Mrs. Bethany.

aimeedorothy: what do you do if you get writers block? How do you get back in to a story after you haven’t written it for a while?

Knock on wood: Writer’s block hasn’t generally been a big problem for me. I always outline/plan ahead, so I generally know what I’m doing next. That said, yeah, sometimes I don’t get to turn to a story for a while, and that means it can be hard to get back into it. I try to just play with the idea again, daydream about it, and rediscover what made me fall in love with it in the first place.

jhmontilla: hi, i just estar reading hourglass, but please tell me that the principal caracters dont die?

I make no promises. But I can tell you that I’m not a fan of unhappy endings … at least, not for a SERIES.





9t9: why didn’t they destroy Lucas at the end of Hourglass? He has always clearly indicated that was what he wanted in that case.

Let’s just say that question comes up at the beginning of AFTERLIFE.

MariBacallado: There will be some love between Bianca and Balthazar in Hourglass? I love this couple (:

Balthazar is back, and he still loves Bianca, but Lucas isn’t exactly out of the picture.

ailen_aros: You say that Bianca is not done changing in Hourglass, That’s mean that Bianca can return to be a half vampire?

I hate being vague, but I have to! All I can say is that this isn’t exactly the right question to ask.

Thanks again for doing this, guys! It was absolutely awesome. Next time I will figure out a better chat method than Twitter —