post-Australian tour updates

Posted on August 24, 2010

So, my hotel here in Adelaide doesn’t have wireless — WHY DOES THE GOD OF WIRELESS HATE ME — and I’m now typing this in a 24-hour-convenience store, between the prepaid mobile phones and men’s socks. This update must be swift!

1) Australian tour

Was amazing! So many of you came to the events in Brisbane, Morayfield and Melbourne, and more to the stock signings in Sydney and here in Adelaide yesterday. It was great meeting/signing for/answering questions for/denying having tasted Vegemite to each and every last one of you. I’m afraid that this is it for signings on this trip — the rest of my time in Australia will be of a touristy bent — but hopefully I can come back sometime and do this again.

2) Writing updates

AFTERLIFE = done, already in ARC form, out in the world.
FATEFUL (aka WEREWOLVES ON THE TITANIC) = first draft complete, undergoing revision
BALTHAZAR = still being outlined, will be written this fall
SPELLCASTER = patiently waiting its turn, but not for too much longer!

3) Next appearances

No firm schedule yet, but I’ll be doing a few appearances in Chicagoland in late September, and I’m trying to set up something for Vancouver in October and New Orleans in November. And you guys in Jackson, MS, know I’ll be at Lemuria the Monday before Thanksgiving, right?

Now I must sign off — time is expensive here at the convenience store —