LOW RED MOON contest winner, plus your take on “personal demons”

Posted on August 11, 2010

First things first: We have a LOW RED MOON winner, who will be receiving an ARC of this awesome werewolf romance: Congratulations, Alejandra S.! It (along with a couple of slightly delayed prizes) goes in the mail tomorrow — just beating my trip to Australia.

The next ARC giveaways I do will have AFTERLIFE written all over them … but that’s got to wait until after my Australian tour. Some of you have been posting on Facebook about a canceled signing; all I can say is, I haven’t heard anything about it. It’s entirely possible that it has been canceled, but sometimes the author is the last to know. If you have any questions, don’t check with me; use the contact information from my blog posts or call your local bookseller. Hopefully all will be made clear.

In the mad rush to write more FATEFUL (my own werewolf romance aboard the Titanic), I haven’t had time for this before, but your answers to the questions about the EVERNIGHT characters’ personal demons were too good not to share. Here are some that I thought were really insightful:

Renee M. — I think the personal demons for Lucas are his inherent prejudice against vampires — and paranormal creatures, in general — despite his love for Bianca, which makes him so deliciously tortured and conflicted, and makes him take drastic measures for their love … Lucas also has this need to be the aggressor and in charge, so that he is never on the defensive, probably from his nontraditional upbringing with the Black Cross, making friendships and relationships difficult for him, so when they do happen — like with Dana and Bianca — they are that much more intense and special.

Sasha G. — I think a personal demon for Bianca is honoring who she is and what she is. She’s in love with Lucas, whose life revolves around killing her kind. She feels guilty for lying to everyone and might feel like she’s betraying her family and friends.

Kye S. — I think Mrs. Bethany has the most demons. There’s got to be a reason why she is hunting Wraiths … guilt for a past love perhaps, someone she loved but accidentally killed. She could also be jealous of Bianca’s parents because they have Bianca and she doesn’t have children or her children died long ago.

Britney W. — I think Dana is torn between who people want her to to be and who she is (probably not really knowing herself). Her personal demon could possibly be that she’s so busy trying to make other people happy that she forgets what makes her happy.

Anne S. — Bianca’s parents — did they do the right thing in keeping her origins a secret from her all these years? … They love her but could they accept her if she made a different choice than the one they have planned for her.

Ba D. — Constantly fighting with the demons of his past, Balthazar is working to create a future in which they will go away, or at least one where he can be at peace with them. Every time he sees Charity, his sister, he relives all the guilt, pain and horror of that night that, crazy with thirst, he changed her into one of them.

There were other fabulous entries (in particular, I’m looking at you, Raquel G. and Daniela S.), and thanks to every single one of you who shared your thoughts.

I hope to post your thoughts on demons and angels before I leave for Australia — but that’s less than 48 hours away!