Just in case you're in New Orleans this weekend

Posted on February 18, 2012

… tonight’s not such a great night for Mardi Gras, is it? Endymion is rolling, but through the rain, which means lots of people (most certainly including me) are going to have to find something else to do with their time tonight. Of course, New Orleans provides plenty of entertainment anytime, but what about the throws? How can you make up for all the shiny beads and useless colorful objects that would have been flung into your waiting hands tonight?

Well, you can come to the Iris parade Uptown tomorrow; we roll at 10 a.m. (Route is available online through the magic of Google.) And I’m riding! If you get on the sidewalk side, look for float 12. Hold up your sign or yell CLAUDIA! to rider #4 on the lower level, and I absolutely promise, I will throw you good stuff if I possibly can!

And by then, the rain will finally have stopped. So it’s a win-win —