Join us for “The Traveling Story”!

Posted on September 3, 2013

I got this invitation a few weeks ago but had to wait to share it with you all — but now, finally, I can let the cat out of the bag (poor kitty!) and announce the next project I get to be a part of …


I’ve been invited by the fantabulous Jessica Brody (UNREMEMBERED) to join her and some other awesome authors for “The Traveling Story.”

Just in case you’re one of the people who didn’t follow along last year, the Traveling Story unfolds over five days. Five authors each write one section. And what are the rules?

First rule of The Traveling Story is YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT THE TRAVELING STORY … wait, no. That’s Fight Club. Let me quote the Story’s mastermind, Jessica Brody:


What is the Traveling Story?

5 Authors. 5 Days. 1 Story.

Each season of The Traveling Story will feature 5 well-known authors collaborating on one original, kick-ass story, with each author writing one of five episodes.

The full story will be revealed over the course of a week, with each episode appearing on the blog of the author who wrote it.

How Does it Work?

There are only three rules for The Traveling Story:

1) No brainstorming, outlining, or discussion of plot ahead of time. The first author writes the first episode of ANY kind of story they want and the next author picks up where that episode leaves off, taking it WHEREVER they want to go! The last author ends the story however they see fit!

2) An author cannot make changes to any previous episode. Each author has total creative control over their OWN episode only, but it has to continue where the last episode leaves off.

3) HAVE FUN! As you’ll see from the awesome story that came out of this, we don’t take ourselves too seriously! The Traveling Story is meant to be fun for the writers but especially for the readers!

This year’s five authors are Jessica, Ann Aguirre (ENCLAVE), Morgan Matson (SECOND CHANCE SUMMER), Victoria Scott (FIRE & FLOOD) and yours truly. This is an amazing group of writers, and I’m thrilled to get to take part. I even get to kick the whole thing off! This is my week to write the beginning to the story, but I’ll only learn the end when you do.

Want to read along once the story starts being published? Then follow @travelingstory on Twitter, or keep checking back here at my blog for the links once we start posting.


FYI, this Saturday (September 7) I’ll be appearing at the opening celebrations for the Madisonville branch library in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. For more details, check out the News & Events section of my site!