HOURGLASS Contest #3!

Posted on February 16, 2010

The second contest was a great deal of fun — I now have a long reading list, comprised of some books I’d already been eager to read (like the Lisa McMann series, Alyson Noel’s books and BEAUTIFUL CREATURES) and some new ones to add to my list. You guys are all avid, intelligent readers, which is what made this contest a joy. While all the entries were fantastic, I had to pick five winners at random, so congratulations to Margaret W., Jessie E., Miriam H., Isabelle L-C., and Nanna P.! I’ll be getting your books in the mail very soon.

(Fun fact: By the luck of the draw, all five of the last contest winners were from the U.S., but this week only two, as there are winners from Canada, Spain and Denmark!)

Now, it’s time for Hourglass Contest #3!

What I want to hear from you is your favorite scene in either EVERNIGHT or STARGAZER (or, if you are a happy Australian, HOURGLASS). Tell me why you like it, what you remember about it, anything like that. I think finding out which scenes stick in your mind will help me write more of those scenes in the future. 🙂 Five winners, chosen at random, will receive something Bianca’s always wished for and would fill her room with if she could: a paper star lantern, like these —

Aren’t they awesome? I admit, I’ve always wanted one — and Bianca, with her love of stargazing, adores these. Now you can have one too!

Here are the rules:

1) Send your entries (your description of your favorite scene) to evernightclaudia at gmail dot com, with the subject line HOURGLASS Contest #3.
2) Please include the address where I should send your star — and yes, I will ship anywhere, though if you are outside the US or Canada, finding a power cord and bulb that work with your voltage will be up to you.
3) Tell me your favorite color, too, so I’ll know which kind of star to send (or, if you are adventurous, just put “funky” and I’ll surprise you!)
4) I’ll pick and notify the winners next Tuesday, February 23.

Thanks as always for entering!