Hook Contest! (Also — the more things change, the more they stay the same)

Posted on April 5, 2007

After book revisions (woo!), a trip to Paris (woohoo!) and a nasty bout of the flu (bah humbug), I am again back in the swing of things. During the next week, I’ll complete my final edits to Evernight and gear up to begin the second book, Stargazer (Unless they switch titles on me — who knows?) I’ve got it outlined, and a lot of it is already very clear to me, so I think the writing process on this one is going to be fast and tremendous fun. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

For those of you who might not watch the urban fantasy writers’ comm fangs_fur_fey, but might be interested nonetheless, you should check out the First Ever Hook Contest. Writers in the community (including me) will read and evaluate hooks, and the winner gets a proposal-and-first-fifty-pages review from agent Rachel Vater (raleva31). Read the post, see what the requirements and rules are, and if you’d like to play, please join us!

Besides, those of us trying to write need all the help we can get — and we always have. For proof, check out this 40-year-old article about the “Famous Writers’ School,” a racket that conned the hopeful much as several self-publishing houses, scam agents, etc. do today. I was fascinated by how little the lies had changed. Well worth reading.