Glee and Vampire Diaries = two great tastes that go great together

Posted on April 23, 2010

I wanted to let you guys know about two very fun projects I’m taking part in this fall, both essays I’ll be writing for BenBella collections about a couple of my favorite shows. First, I’ll look at the complicated Civil War history in the TV show (as opposed to the completely different but equally complicated history in the books) of “The Vampire Diaries” in the anthology A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO MYSTIC FALLS, which you’ll be able to buy in October. Then, I’ll be writing about all the baby-daddy drama on “Glee” for an anthology called FILLED WITH GLEE, which will be out in November. As you can imagine, doing all the research for these — by watching tons and tons of TV — is so difficult, but I soldier on. You guys know you’ll want to check these out!

Also, speaking of the Q&A — you guys are emailing me about it, but you’re mostly emailing to ask for live chats! So we’re going to get started via Twitter. Next Tuesday (April 27), I’ll sign on to Twitter in the early afternoon US Central Time, and I’ll be answering questions, well, pretty much throughout the rest of the day, off and on. Keep checking in on Twitter and Facebook for more details!