Facebook facts, and just being in touch generally

Posted on September 6, 2010

As many of you know — just shy of 5000 of you, to be more exact — I have a Facebook account as Claudia Gray. But unfortunately, I have almost maxed out my friends there, so I am now unable to friend people back. 🙁 However! I now have the Official Claudia Gray Fan Page, which you can like/follow/etc. Right now I am responding to comments on both the CG account and the fan page, but within a few weeks, I’ll transition to talking mostly on the fanpage. So stay in touch!

Also: While I try to respond to everything sent to me via my website and the address there (at least I do now — the first couple years while I had the day job were pretty short on time!, I don’t generally answer FB or MySpace private messages. There’s a LOT of mail to get through, so I stick to the stuff that comes through the website, particularly as the social networking sites are so spam-heavy. If you’ve been trying to get through some other way and gotten no response, try emailing via the website.

Right now, I’m in Sydney, visiting some friends and family here before I head back to the USA. Once I return and get over the jet lag — I had none on the way over, but that probably means I’m due for double on the other side, right? — we’ll have more author interviews, more US tour dates, and some awesome ARC giveaways. Which will include, oh yeah, AFTERLIFE. I’m so excited to finally start letting this book out into the world.