DOLL Contest #2 winner announced, plus an interview with Patrice!

Posted on February 17, 2011

I’m sincerely sorry to be a day late with this, guys, but I was prepping for a trip to California yesterday and, in all the hubbub, forgot to pick the winner of Doll Contest #2. But now that I’m outside San Diego, kicking back and relaxing, I have time to announce that congratulations go to Juiliana R.! She chose the oh-so-glamorous Patrice doll, which will be headed to her soon, complete with both Evernight Academy uniform and gorgeous evening gown.

In celebration of this win, and of Patrice’s return to the story in AFTERLIFE, we have a few interview questions for her:

From Camille: “Will you ever come back? I kinda miss your character!”
Patrice: “I’m back, darling. Read AFTERLIFE and you’ll find me again. But I haven’t been wasting time; there are stories about me in two anthologies that tell you all sorts of things about my past, both when I was alive and a certain romantic misadventure of mine during World War II.”

From Joelene: “How will you feel about your friend Bianca now that you know she’s a ghost? Will you stand by her and try to help her figure things out?”
Patrice:</b> “Wraiths don’t bother me nearly as much as they do some vampires. The reasons for that … well, they’re complicated. But I don’t go running away in terror the first time I see a little frost on the windows.”

From Rachelle: “What do you have against humans? Is it just because they’re not like you or is there more to the story?”
Patrice: “It’s not that I hate humans. I’d even say I have a bit of a weakness for human men — but I’m getting off the subject. Let’s just say that I try not to fool myself that humans and vampires can have much to do with each other anymore. I’ve made that mistake before; I’d prefer not to do it again.”

From Alejandra: “Why whenever nobody was around were you all nice to Bianca, but whenever somebody came around you hated her….and also why did you have a change of heart on how you felt about Bianca at the end of Evernight?”
Patrice: “I never hated Bianca; I just wanted her to get with the program, you know? She acted like everybody at school was out to get her, all the time, which was crap. Then she expected me to feel all sorry for her. Um, sorry, I believe you make your own fate in this world. Plus, she was not the world’s best roommate. Do you ever in these books read about her cleaning up our room? Yeah, that would be because I had to do it myself, because somebody‘s too busy being in eternal love to get her towels up off the floor. But I didn’t hate it. When she was chilling out about stuff, I really kind of liked her. And I felt bad when Lucas turned out to be Black Cross – I mean, ouch.”

From Sarah: “Because you have been a vampire for a long time, did you know that if you were born a vampire, you would turn into a wraith just like Bianca?”
Patrice: “I can’t give away too much about AFTERLIFE, I’m told, so let’s just say that I know a lot more about wraiths than most vampires do. That’s largely due to this wonderful woman I met soon after I died in New Orleans; Marie Leveau knew all kinds of interesting things …”


The interview’s got to be cut a bit short — if I’m going to get to my dinner party on time, it would probably be nice to be, like, dressed and have my hair dried. It’s classier, you know? So I’ll go over some of your votes for your favorite scene – and open up the next doll contest (Bianca and Lucas still remain!) — later on tonight or first thing tomorrow. Keep watching this space!