Do the Write Thing for Nashville — Let’s have lunch!

Posted on May 12, 2010

Just wanted to announce that I’m taking part in the awesome Do the Write Thing, in which several authors, agents and bloggers are chipping in for a charity auction to benefit flood victims in Nashville, TN. Check out the details here:

Basically, if you’re the winner, I’ll fly to the nearest big city in the US or Canada to have lunch or dinner with you and up to three people you choose. (Which means a few people can go in together on the bid — just a hint!) Sorry to limit it to those two countries, but much farther than that is cost-prohibitive for me, plus a little far to go for lunch. We can talk EVERNIGHT, or writing, or publishing, or “Vampire Diaries” — whatever you like! So check out the auction details and bid, bid, bid like crazy. I’m really looking forward to meeting the winner!

Finally, to answer today’s “Writer’s Block” question:

You guys know by now that I love it, and I was going to say why at length, but Cat Valente has done so better than I ever could. Great link — check it out.