Cool Things Roundup

Posted on April 16, 2013

1) Vampires are turning scary again … at least, if NBC has their way. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (“The Tudors,” “City of Bones,” “Velvet Goldmine”) is starring in a new TV series version of “Dracula.”  You can get the Dracula details here:  Apparently this is “bypassing the pilot stage” and going straight to series, which is a definite show of confidence. Interesting, they only want a 10-episode first season, something the networks are leaning toward more and more. Is this the influence of cable, or maybe the BBC?


2) New Catching Fire teaser trailer! Yes, we all watched it during the MTV Movie Awards, but this means we have only just begun obsessively rewatching it.

What I think is most awesome about the trailer: Jennifer Lawrence just burning pure awesome off the screen as Katniss, yet again.

What I think is most lacking in the trailer: Any hint that Peeta is actually a really important character in the movie.

What I think is most amusing in the trailer: The way Philip Seymour Hoffman and Donald Sutherland, two of the best living actors in the United States right now, play their scene with this subtext of, “I always knew we’d work together but I thought it would be a Pinter play or a radical new interpretation of Coriolanus or something.”

What I think is the single best moment: Effie Trinket, because Effie Trinket.


3) Entertainment Weekly featured Josin McQuein talking about her upcoming YA debut novel, ARCLIGHT! I am reading this now, guys, and it’s awesome. Later this week there will be a giveaway of not one but TWO ARCs, so keep checking in on Twitter!




What do you think about the latest CF trailer? What other cool things in the universe should I know about? Let me know!