Book Club Giveaway Questions!

Posted on December 27, 2010

Those of you who follow Crissi’s Book Club (which is all of you, right? Because you love YA books as much as she does!) know that today is my day for the Holiday Giveaway! You have three questions to answer, and here they are:

Santa’s sleigh can fly because of this.

Instead of attempting to put real snow on your Christmas tree, you can use this instead.

What plant do couples usually kiss under during the holidays?

Signed copies of STARGAZER go to two lucky winners! For further info on the rules (and just great book info), check out Crissi’s blog. Good luck to everyone!

(And sorry this is going out late today — I took the train overnight last night, and was awakened at 3:30 a.m. by a conductor who then said, “Oh, do I have the wrong room?” I feel the time for him to ask himself this pertinent question was before he banged on my door. At any rate, I’m a little bit bleary today, but I had a great Christmas holiday and hope you guys did too.)