BALTHAZAR Contest #1 winners, and Contest #2 begins!

Posted on February 23, 2012

Congratulations go out to our_birdsong, carolinarojas, and Lora W. who each won signed copies of AFTERLIFE and adorable little vampire rubber duckies. Way to go, guys!

Now it’s time for BALTHAZAR Contest #2 —

If you’ve read the EVERNIGHT series*, you know Balthazar has been around a long time and has led a very dark and mysterious life. A lot of answers about his past come out in BALTHAZAR, which means this is your last chance to speculate!

BALTHAZAR Contest #3

The Rules

1) Write up (in a sentence or a paragraph, you pick) your idea about where Balthazar was and what he was doing at some point in history between the early 1600s and today. Serving on a privateer ship in the Gulf of Mexico? Wearing a powdered wig? New York’s #1 subway graffiti tagger circa 1975? You tell me!

2) Send your idea via email to me at evernightclaudia at gmail dot com, along with an address where I can send your prize if you win.

3) Do all this before Wednesday, February 29 when I’ll pick five winners at random.

Winners will received signed and personalized copies of BALTHAZAR, and they’ll probably get to you a day or two before release!

Good luck, everybody!

* And if you haven’t? For a limited time, the EVERNIGHT e-book is free for download onto any e-reader! Plenty of time to get caught up before BALTHAZAR comes out March 6 —