AUTUMN GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA Contest #3 — lightning round!

Posted on September 28, 2010

First of all, congratulations to the winners of Contest #2: Way to go, Ellen C. and Aydrea R.! Ellen will be receiving THE UNIDENTIFIED by Rae Mariz, and Aydrea will get an autographed copy of FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan. It was interesting seeing what you guys thought the characters might be reading — by far, the most common response (and a logical one!) was that Bianca would be really interested in FIRELIGHT, seeing as how she knows what it’s like to fall in love with someone who hunts your own kind. Several people also thought that iconoclastic Raquel and rebel Lucas might find identify with the main character of THE UNIDENTIFIED.

This post is going up on a Tuesday, which as viewers in the US (and maybe other places too?) know is “Glee” day. And I’ve written an essay for FILLED BY GLEE, a new book from BenBella looking at all the twists and turns of our favorite non-ironic musical teen comedy. (My essay is about all the baby-mama drama of season one.) Want a copy? You’ll have to act fast: This contest is only running for two days!

How do you enter?

1) Send me an email at evernightclaudia at gmail dot com, with “Glee Contest” as the subject header. Give me a name and address where the publisher can send your book if you win — and for this contest, I’m afraid, we’re looking at entries from the US and Canada only. (Sorry, international fans, but your day is coming again VERY soon.)

2) Tell me what you think the Evernight Academy Glee Club would be like! Do you think they’d have to convince Ranulf that Gregorian chants are out of style? Do they kill Vocal Adrenalin to improve their chances at Regionals? Is the Sue Sylvester/Mrs. Bethany face-off as epic as it is in my head? (And this is one where I will definitely want to share good answers, so don’t send in anything you wouldn’t be comfortable seeing reprinted in this blog!

3) Do all this by Thursday, Sept. 30, when I’ll pick three winners at random. Copies won’t be autographed, as they’re coming to you from the publisher, but hey — that gives you something to bring to a future signing.

Speaking of which, I should soon have some new US tour dates to announce, so stay tuned. And good luck with Contest #3!